Five money sinkholes to avoid

26 April 2019

Industry super fund-owned Bank ME says five money sinkholes could be swallowing up $3,500 of your cash each year.

1. Sticking to the same mobile phone plan

Average annual cost: $500

There’s a whole smorgasbord of mobile carriers, many offering red hot deals. According to Finder, switching plans or providers could see you save over $500 a year. Bring it on!

2. Holding onto unwanted online purchases

Average annual cost: $384

New research by ME shows 70% of us never get around to returning online buys that aren’t quite right, and it’s setting us back an average of $384 annually. That’s money for a holiday, or your morning coffee covered for almost four months.

3. Sticking to an unsuitable power plan

Average annual cost: $550

Use sites like Energy Made Easy to check if you have the most competitive power provider – and plan – for your needs. According to EnergySwitch, making the move to a better deal could slash $550 off your annual electricity costs.

4. Paying avoidable bank fees

Average annual cost: $477

Mozo research indicates Australian households rack up about $477 in annual bank fees. But many fees are easy to avoid.

Plenty of banks have scrapped regular account-keeping fees. And look for an everyday account that lets you access your money at an ATM anywhere in Australia without having to cough up a fee.

5. Food delivery apps

Average annual cost: $1,590

Finder has found Australians spend $1,590 per person annually on home delivered food and drinks. That’s a whole lot of laksa! Save the delivery fee by taking a stroll to the local cafe. Better still, prepare simple meals at home and feast on the savings.

Avoid these five money sinkholes and you could be better off by a total of $3,500 each year. That’s a big reward for not much effort.

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