10 September 2020

In Australia, there's a pressing need to start conversations beginning with "are you ok". Because life can knock us all down. By giving someone the opportunity and time to share what they're feeling, you can give them something invaluable - a sense of connection and belonging.

There are many reasons why many of us can feel less than ok from time to time, and just being able to talk about these issues can be a big help.

Join us in asking your workmates "R U OK"

On Thursday 10 September 2020, TWUSUPER will join workplaces around Australia in asking each other if we are ok, using the materials developed by R U OK, a suicide prevention charity in Australia that wishes to remind people that having meaningful conversations with mates, colleagues and loved ones could save lives.

The R U OK kit provides all the resources you need to get started - including slide show materials, posters, instructions on giving a presentation, videos and other information. These resources are free, although you can purchase further resources (such as armbands) to support the charity.

R U OK kit

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You don't need to wait until September

You can make the R U OK philosophy part of your everyday working environment throughout the year - see R U OK's everyday resources.

What if the answer is 'No'?

If someone you know really is struggling and is ready to open up to you about that, what’s the next step in helping them? Experts say that the most important thing is giving people the chance to talk about what they’re experiencing.

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