TWUSUPER is a not-for-profit Industry Super Fund for the transport and logistics industry.

Our Board ensures TWUSUPER looks after the best interests of all members, and we have a skilled and experienced management team looking after the day-to-day operations of the Fund.

  • The Trustee executive team



    Chief Executive Officer

    Frank Sandy

    Chief Financial Officer

    John Arnott

    Chief Investment Officer

    Edward Smith

    Chief Governance Officer

    Lachlan McBain

    Chief Operating Officer

    Matt Licheri

    Executive Manager Stakeholders and Marketing

    Tony Buckley

    Manager, Trustee Services

    Lou Coia

    Human Resources Manager

    Sue Lowe

    The Trustee has a documented process for evaluating the performance of the executive team. These evaluations are carried out annually by the Chief Executive Officer or, in the case of the Chief Executive Officer, the Board. Performance evaluations of all members were most recently carried out in late 2020.

  • Trustee Directors

    The TWUSUPER Board is a representative board that includes both employer and employee representatives.

    This board structure is recognised by peak super bodies such as the Australian Institute of Super Trustees (AIST) and the Industry Funds’ Forum as providing the best governance model for Australian Industry SuperFunds.

    • an Independent Chairman
    • four employee representatives, nominated by the Transport Workers’ Union of Australia (TWU)
    • four employer representatives, nominated by the Australian Road Transport Industrial Organisation (ARTIO)
    • up to six alternate directors, nominated by their respective representatives.

    Independent Chairman

    David Galbally AM QC

    Employee Directors*

    Employer Directors*

    Peter Biagini

    Peter Anderson

    John Berger

    Michelle Harwood

    Richard Olsen

    Gary Mahon

    Michael Kaine

    Paul Ryan (Alternate)

    Timothy Dawson (Alternate)

    Campbell Dumesny (Alternate)

    Ian Smith (Alternate)


    Nick McIntosh (Alternate)


    * Robin Phillips ceased as an Alternate Employer Director from 10 August 2017.

    * Dennis Sutton ceased as an Employer Director on 23 July 2018.

    * Michelle Harwood ceased as an Alternate Employer Director on 2 August 2018 and was appointed Employer Director on the same day.

    * Tony Sheldon ceased as an Employee Director on 11 April 2019.

    * Michael Kaine ceased as an Alternate Employee Director on 6 June 2019 and was appointed Employee Director on the same day.

    * Nick McIntosh was appointed as an Alternate Employee Director on 6 June 2019.

    * Hugh McMaster ceased as an Employer Director on 31 March 2021.

    Performance evaluation

    The Board has procedures for assessing annually the Board’s performance relative to its objectives and the performance of its Directors. Annual assessment of performance includes:

    • review of performance against the Trustee’s strategic objectives
    • assessment of the Board and Directors in line with the Fit and Proper Policy and the Appointment and Renewal Policy
    • adherence to the Trustee’s governance framework.

    The performance of the Board and Directors was evaluated using the above procedures for the 2019-20 financial year.

    Summary of procedures

    The Board conducts the annual performance review with the assistance of an external consultant. Its overall aim is to identify any issues relating to the Board’s operation that might prevent or hinder it from carrying out its functions. It involves Director surveys and/or interviews and a review of records relating to Directors’ adherence to Fund policies. The results of these are analysed to assess perceived strengths and development areas for the Board as a whole. A report of the assessment is considered by the Board and action plans are developed and implemented, as necessary, and monitored by the Board at each meeting.

    Assessment of the competency of the Board and its individual Directors is conducted annually by the Trustee Secretariat under the Fit and Proper Policy. The fitness of a Director to continue in office is also reviewed at the end of each term, having regard to time already served on the Board, fitness and propriety and other factors.

    Where a Director is found not to be fit and proper or other grounds for removal apply under the company constitution, the Trustee will take all reasonable steps to ensure that the person does not continue as a Director. In the case of a Director failing only to meet training requirements, the Board through its Audit, Risk and Compliance Committee will first attempt to assist the Director to meet those requirements.

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    • Audit, Risk and Compliance
    • Communications and Marketing
    • Complaints and Appeals
    • Investment
    • Operations and Remuneration
  • Board Attendance Records

    The table below shows the board meetings attended by TWUSUPER Directors in the last 7 years.  

     Financial year 2012/13 2013/14 2014/15 2015/16 2016/17 2017/18 2018/19
     No. of board meetings  6  6  6  7  6  6  6 
     Director Attendance              
     Current Directors              
     David Galbally AM QC  5  6  6  6  5  4  5
     Hugh McMaster1  6  6  6  7  5  5  6
     Peter Biagini2  6  5  5  7  6  6  5
     Peter Anderson3  N/A  N/A  N/A  3  6  6  6
     John Berger4  N/A  N/A  N/A  1  6  5  6
     Richard Olsen5  N/A  N/A  N/A  N/A  4  5  4
     Gary Mahon7  N/A  N/A  N/A  N/A  4  4  4
     Michael Kaine21   5  3  5  6  4  3  5
     Michelle Harwood19  N/A  N/A  N/A  N/A  N/A  4  6
     Paul Ryan (Alternate)9  5  6  6  7  5  3  5
     Tim Dawson (Alternate)8  N/A  1  6  6  5  5  6
     Ian Smith (Alternate)10  N/A  N/A  N/A  N/A  2  6  4
     Nick McIntosh (Alternate)22  N/A  N/A  N/A  N/A  N/A  N/A  
     Former Directors              
     Tony Sheldon20  3  4  5  6  4  5  3
     Dennis Sutton6  N/A  N/A  N/A  N/A  5  5  
     Robin Phillips (Alternate)18  6  6  5  7  6  1  
     Rick Burton    4          
     Wayne Forno11  5  5          
     Jim McGivern  4            
     Phil Lovel AM12  6  5  6  3      
     Wayne Mader13  5  6  4  5      
     Ian King14  6  6  6  5      
     Peter Garske15  5  6  6  6  3    
     Ray Wyatt16  5  5  6  5  3    
     Michael Aird17  N/A  N/A  5  4      


    1 Alternate Director 07/08/2008 to 08/04/2011. Director since 08/04/2011.
    2 Alternate Director 10/01/2011 to 26/06/2014. Director since 26/04/2014.
    3 Commenced as Director on 03/12/2015.
    4 Commenced as Director on 02/06/2016.
    5 Commenced as Director on 22/09/2016.
    6 Commenced as Director on 22/09/2016. 
    7 Attended 22/09/2016 Board meeting as an observer. Director since 01/12/2016.
    8 Commenced as Alternate Director on 26/06/2014.
    9 Alternate Director since 08/04/2011. Director 07/06/2007 to 08/04/2011.
    10 Commenced as Alternate Director on 06/04/2017.
    11 Alternate Director 11/06/2009 to 08/04/2011. Director from 08/04/2011 to 08/10/2014.
    12 Resigned as Director on 23/11/2015.
    13 Resigned as Director on 29/04/2016.
    14 Resigned as Director on 24/06/2016.
    15 Resigned as Director on 30/11/2016.
    16 Resigned ad Director on 14/02/2017.
    17 Commenced as Director on 09/10/2014. Resigned as director on 09/08/2016.
    18 Resigned as director on 10/08/2017.
    19 Alternate Director 07/12/2017 to 02/08/2018. Director since 02/08/2018.
    20 Resigned as Director on 11/04/2019.
    21 Alternate Director 19/04/2007 to 06/06/2019. Director since 06/06/2019.
    22 Commenced as Alternate Director on 06/06/2019.

  • Trustee service providers

    The Trustee engages the following third-party providers in the management of TWUSUPER.

    Material providers





    Mercer Outsourcing (Australia) Pty Ltd

     32 005 315 917

    Custodian and investment
    administrator services

    BNP Paribas Securities Services

     87 149 440 291

    Key providers



    External auditor and tax adviser

    Ernst & Young

    Internal auditor



    Mercer (Australia) Pty Ltd

    Financial advice provider

    Industry Fund Services Ltd

    Investment adviser

    JANA Investment Advisers

    Investment managers

    See investment managers below

    Legal adviser

    Sparke Helmore Lawyers

    Group life and income protection insurer

    TAL Life Limited (was CommInsure until 27 May 2017)

    Trustee liability insurer

    IFS Insurance Solutions Pty Ltd

  • Investment managers

    TWUSUPER engages investment managers to invest members’ money across the different asset classes.

    We closely monitor the investment performance of each investment manager and from time to time new investment managers are appointed and others terminated.

    TWUSUPER uses JANA Investment Advisers to help set the investment strategy, select investment managers and monitor performance.

    See investment managers


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