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Super Stapling

Do stapled super funds put your employees at risk?

What is super stapling?

Super stapling is the system where every worker has one super fund that they keep using when they move from job to job. The benefits include fewer people with lots of funds paying multiple sets of fees, but there is no guarantee that workers will be stapled to the best-suited super fund for them.

Are your employees at risk?

Stapling can create a risk of people paying for insurance that they can't use. This can happen when the employee is stapled to a super fund that doesn’t cover occupations classed as dangerous including jobs in transport, aviation, construction, agriculture, forestry and fishing. In the transport industry, many occupations are classed as dangerous for insurance, including truck drivers, warehousing, forklift drivers, mechanics, bus drivers and aviation staff.

Unlike many other funds, TWUSUPER default insurance doesn’t exclude any occupation so members of TWUSUPER are protected whatever job they do. For peace of mind.

How stapling works for employers

The stapling process isn't automated yet, so for now the process of finding stapled funds is quite manual - and therefore time-consuming - for employers. To find stapled funds, employers will need to go through the ATO on an employee-by-employee basis (there's no bulk solution in place for multiple employees).

That's why the simplest way to set up your new employee's super remains the same: Give them a Choice of Fund form and ask them to return it to you with their choice of complying fund selected.

Pre-filled Choice of Fund form - TWUSUPER 

You can hand out printed copies of this to employees to fill in if they wish to join or stay with TWUSUPER.

TWUSUPER Choice of Fund form

Online Choice of Fund form – TWUSUPER

Employees can use this link to choose TWUSUPER as their fund and email the completed choice form directly to their employer. Non-members choosing to join TWUSUPER can also use this form (they will become members when they start getting super payments from their employer).

TWUSUPER Choice of Fund - Online

Blank Choice of Fund form 

This can be printed out and handed to employees to elect any super fund.

Blank Choice of Fund form

Default funds still help

Default funds still exist under stapling, and as the industry super fund for the transport industry run only for members, TWUSUPER continues to offer tailored insurance cover for workers with a dangerous occupation and strong long-term investment returns*.

The default fund system ensures that, where no stapled fund can be found and no choice has been made, there is always a compliant super fund for you to use to pay your employees superannuation.

Make TWUSUPER your default fund

Helpful Tools

Choosing a default fund

More info

Online choice form - TWUSUPER

More info

Pre-filled choice form - TWUSUPER (PDF)


ATO Choice of Fund form


TWUSUPER fund details

Join TWUSUPER online in 5 minutes

If new employees or contractors want to join TWUSUPER, they can do so quickly through our online form.


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*  DISCLAIMER: Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future performance and should never be the sole factor considered when selecting a fund.