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16 February 2022

'Concessional' contributions refer to any contributions you make to super before tax.

These include:

The Government limits the amount of concessional contributions you can make – for most people, the cap for the 2021/22 financial year is $27,500.

If you go over the cap additional tax may apply. See the ATO website for more information.

Contributing more under the 'carry forward' rule

You may be able to use the ‘carry forward rule’ to contribute more than the $27,500 cap. This rule lets you use any unused portion of the concessional contributions cap on a rolling basis for five years, providing your total super balance is less than $500,000 on 30 June of the previous financial year. Any amount not used after five years expires.

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There are many ways to contribute to super and it can be hard to choose the most appropriate solution for your needs. Luckily TWUSUPER members have help at hand if they need to talk through the options. Our super specialists can answer your enquiries about contributions and tax benefits. There's no extra cost to use this service. The team's available between 9am and 5pm (AEST/AEDT) on 1800 222 071.

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