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Although most super funds include insurance cover as part of their membership, they may not cover certain occupations that are considered ‘hazardous’. Join a fund with transport-ready insurance.

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Most super funds include insurance cover for members: But they may not cover occupations considered ‘hazardous’ for insurance purposes.

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Join a fund with transport-ready insurance

If you work in transport, jobs other super funds commonly exclude from cover include drivers, loaders, mechanics, flight crews, warehouse workers, and bus drivers. This is why you should check your current policy to see if you're covered. You may be 
paying for insurance you can't claim on.

At TWUSUPER, we have no occupational exclusions - which means we cover all transport jobs. TWUSUPER members can tailor their insurance to suit their needs with the comfort of knowing their job won’t disqualify them from making a claim.

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Alternatively, use the prefilled Choice of Fund form (even if you're not already a member of TWUSUPER) to have your employer pay your super into TWUSUPER.

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