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TWUSUPER provides insurance cover to help protect you, your family and your assets in the event of your death or if you’re unable to work due to serious illness or injury.

Most TWUSUPER members automatically get Death and Total and Permanent Disablement (TPD) cover when they join. Eligible members can apply for income protection, and extra Death and TPD cover. Death cover is sometimes referred to as life insurance.

If you’re not sure which insurance cover is right for you, or you need more information, call us on 1800 222 071 between 8am and 8pm (AEST/AEDT) weekdays.

You can check your current cover through your secure online account.

  • Total and permanent disablement cover

    TPD cover provides you with a lump sum payment if you’re unable to work again due to severe illness or injury (and you meet the other conditions of the insurance policy).

    Eligible TWUSUPER members automatically get basic TPD cover when they join. You can apply to change your cover at any time. 

    The TPD fact sheet explains TPD cover in more detail and answers common questions about making a claim.

    View fact sheet

  • Death cover

    Death cover provides your beneficiaries with a lump sum payment if you die.

    Eligible TWUSUPER members automatically get basic death cover when they join. You can apply to change your level of death cover at any time if you decide you need more or less cover than what is automatically provided. If you apply to increase your cover, you may be required to provide medical information.

    If you’re a potential beneficiary of a TWUSUPER member who has passed away, our Death cover fact sheet outlines the process for making a claim.

    View fact sheet

  • Income protection cover

    Income protection is a monthly benefit that provides you with an income for up to two years if you are unable to work due to serious illness or injury. Benefit payments start after the insurer has accepted your claim and your waiting period is over.

    Generally, if you're under 65 and working at least 15 hours a week, you can apply for Income protection cover.

    How much cover can you apply for?

    If you are eligible for income protection cover the minimum monthly benefit is $1,000 per month. The maximum monthly income protection benefit you can claim is the lower of:

    • 84.5% of your pre-disability income, or
    • your agreed value of cover, or
    • $30,000 a month.

    How to apply

    Download and fill out the Application for additional cover form.

    Apply now

  • Lifetime event cover

    Throughout your life insurance needs change.

    Lifetime event cover provides extra Death and TPD cover for specific life events such as marriage, having a child, getting a mortgage, the death of a spouse, divorce, a child starting school or becoming eligible for the Centrelink Carer's Allowance.

    The insurer must receive your application:

    • within no more than 60 days of the event, or
    • within 60 days after the first member statement is issued to you after the event.

    You can apply for this online by logging into your secure online account.

    Apply online

    If you don't have Member Access, you can apply for Lifetime event cover by using the Lifetime event insurance cover form and posting it back to us.

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