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If you are thinking about making an insurance claim, our dedicated team are here to help you through every step of the process.

Just like our members, not all claims are the same. When you make an insurance claim, we assign you a case manager who takes the time to understand your personal circumstances and works with you through the claims process from start to finish. We provide this service at no extra cost to you.

Not sure if you have insurance through TWUSUPER?

If you are unsure about whether you have insurance on your TWUSUPER account, call us on 1800 296 888 or log into your secure online account to check.

Need to make a claim but you don't like the paperwork?

We understand that not everyone likes to fill out paperwork and some paperwork can be quite daunting when you first open your claims pack.

Did you know you can lodge your Total and Permanent Disablement (TPD), Terminal Illness (TI) or Income Protection (IP) claim online or over the phone (tele-claim)? This means you only need to answer questions relevant to your situation and you can email or upload your medical reports or other documents when it is convenient for you. This can save you time and remove the stress of dealing with delays in our postal system. Talk to our team if you want more information on these options.

You might even be looking at using a legal service to help you with your claim. If you are thinking about using a legal service offering "no win no fee", it is important to know that you will still need to complete paperwork and it may cost you thousands of dollars.

Before you involve a legal service, we suggest you call our dedicated team on 1800 296 888 to work out your next steps. TWUSUPER has a duty to pursue the insurer for all genuine claims. This means if you have a genuine claim you will receive your benefit payment. If you are unhappy with our service or the outcome of your claim, you may then want to seek legal advice.

Using a legal representative to lodge your claim won't get you any more money than what you are insured for, but it may cost thousands of dollars of your benefit payment.

Ready to lodge your claim?

Here are some tips to make the process easier:

  • Try to lodge all your paperwork together. This includes your claim forms, medical reports, signed authorities and original certified ID.
  • Signed authorities allow us to get information on your behalf if we need it to assess your claim. This can include medical reports and employer statements.
  • Make sure all sections are signed and dated.
  • If your medical condition means you have a limited life expectancy – let us know straight away as it could mean a different claim type and have significant tax benefits for you.
  • If you want a family member, interpreter or a support person to help you, let us know and we will assist with setting that up.
  • Read the fact sheet for your insurance claim type. This will help you understand the process, some of the technical terms and the expectations of what happens when your claim is reviewed. You can find the fact sheets for each insurance type below.
  • If you are unsure or have a question, call us on 1800 296 888

Insurance claim types and fact sheets

  • Death benefit

    A member may have held Death insurance cover on their account at the date they passed away. The insured amount as well as the member’s super account balance are combined and become the death benefit. The death benefit is to paid to the member’s beneficiaries and/or the member’s Estate.

    The Trustee must pay the death benefit according to strict legislation. If you are a potential beneficiary of a member who has passed away, please contact us on 1800 222 071 so we can help you through the claim process.

    If you are from the member’s immediate family, we offer you three grief support sessions through our provider Assure. These sessions are offered at no cost to you and are available 24 hours a day every day. To access the sessions, please call 1300 820 733.

    For more information about making a Death cover claim, read the Claiming a death benefit fact sheet.

  • Terminal illness benefit

    A Terminal Illness benefit is paid when you have been diagnosed with a terminal illness that is likely to result in your passing away within 24 months.

    If you have Death or Total and Permanent Disablement (TPD) insurance cover on your account, the insured amount once claimed with the insurer will be paid into your super account.

    If you are entitled to a Terminal Illness benefit payment, it will be paid to you tax-free. Any amount not paid to you may become a death benefit to be paid to your beneficiaries and/or your Estate.

    If you have been diagnosed with a terminal illness, please call us on 1800 296 888 so we can help you through the claim process.

    We also offer you three grief support sessions through our provider Assure. These sessions are offered at no cost to you and/or your loved ones and are available 24 hours a day every day. To access the sessions, please call 1800 820 733.

  • Total and Permanent Disablement (TPD) benefit

    This is an insured benefit that is paid into your account if you become totally and permanently disabled. This generally means you have been informed by your medical team that as a result of your injury or illness, you are unlikely to work again.

    TPD claims can be complex, and different definitions may apply depending on your date of disablement*. It is important to have a discussion with us about your condition and when you last worked, so we can ensure we provide you with the necessary information relevant to your circumstances to make your claim as smooth as possible.

    The date of your disablement is the later of the date you suffer the illness or injury that has caused your disablement AND the date you cease all employment.

    For more information on claiming a TPD benefit we have three fact sheets which explain the claims process and defintions. Which fact sheet you should use depends on your date of disablement.

    Things to consider if your insurance claim is approved:

    • Tax. If you have not yet reached your preservation age you will need to pay tax on the taxable component of any money withdrawn from your super account. Refer to the How Super Works guide for tax rates.
    • Impact to your Centrelink and Workers Compensation benefits (if you are receiving these).
    • Do you need to access some of the money? You may want to leave your super account where it is or move some or all of the balance to an income stream product.  If you would like more information on this option, call us on 1800 296 888
    • Financial planning. As a TWUSUPER member you can get General Advice about your TWUSUPER account. You can get this advice over the phone by calling 1800 222 071 to make an appointment. Go to for more information.
  • Income Protection benefit

    This is the regular benefit payment you may receive for up to two years if you are unable to work due to illness or injury. Payments start at the end of your chosen waiting period (30, 60 or 90 days).

    Not all TWUSUPER members have Income Protection cover on their super account.

    If you are unsure whether you have Income Protection cover on your TWUSUPER account or what your waiting period is, call us on 1800 296 888 or log into your secure online account to check.

    For more information about making an Income Protection insurance claim, read the Claiming an Income Protection Benefit fact sheet.