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Many details affecting your insurance cover with the Fund – such as when cover automatically starts, your level of cover and the fees you pay – depend on your age and occupation.

You can tell us about your occupation (including changes to your occupation) at any time by calling us on 1800 222 071 from 8am to 8pm (AEST/AEDT) weekdays.

Which insurance group do you fall into?

Whether basic cover automatically starts for you depends on which insurance group you fall into:

Insurance group You will be placed into this Group if... When basic cover starts automatically
Group 1 Default We do not know your occupation
Your occupation is considered dangerous and you do not meet the definition of Group 2 (Non-manual) or Group 3 (Professional)
The later of:
- you are aged 18, and
- your account receives a mandatory employer contribution, and
- your account balance is at least $500.
Group 1 Manual Your occupation is not considered dangerous 
You do not meet the definition of Group 2 (Non-manual) or Group 3 (Professional)
The later of:
- you are aged at least 25, and
- your account receives a mandatory employer contribution, and
- your account balance is at least $6,000.
Group 2 Non-manual Your occupation is not considered dangerous
You work at least 75% of your time in an office environment and perform only non-manual duties
Group 3 Professional Your occupation is not considered dangerous
You tell us you work 100% of the time in an office in a sedentary capacity, earn more than $100,000 a year (or pro-rata if not working full time) and have an accredited higher education qualification or are eligible to belong to a recognised professional body 

About dangerous occupations

Government rules generally mean cover can’t be automatically switched on unless you are aged at least 25 and have an account balance of at least $6,000. 

At TWUSUPER, we understand that some jobs within the transport and logistics industry can be dangerous. For that reason, the Government allows us to treat members who work in a ‘dangerous occupation’ differently.

Dangerous occupations include:

  • road driver (e.g. truck, bus and courier)
  • rail driver (e.g. train)
  • machinery and stationary plant operator (e.g. crane operator)
  • mobile plant operator (e.g. forklift driver, tractor operator, ramp agent)
  • storeperson (e.g. warehouse worker)
  • factory process worker (e.g. product assembler)
  • other labours (e.g. freight handler, stevedore, handyperson)
  • construction and mining labourer (e.g. building and plumbing)
  • automotive and engineering trade worker (e.g. diesel mechanic, aircraft maintenance engineer)
  • sports and personal service worker (e.g. cabin crew, driving instructor, heavy machinery driver trainer)
  • design, engineering, science and transport professional (e.g. charter flight pilot, mining engineer, mechanical engineer)
  • protective services worker (e.g. cash transit, security).

We need to know about your occupation

If we don’t know what your occupation is you will automatically become a Group 1 – Default member, because we know most of our members work in a dangerous occupation. If you don't work in a dangerous occupation, or you work in a non-manual or professional occupation, you need to tell us as may be eligible for insurance cover that is better suited to people working in office-based and professional roles.

Changing insurance groups

You can apply to change your insurance group through Member Online or in writing (you can't make this change over the phone).

Please note, if you have insurance cover attached to your TWUSUPER account, changing insurance groups can sometimes mean that insurance cover will be automatically switched off. To ensure this doesn’t happen, you should opt-in to retain your insurance cover. By opting-in to insurance cover, it will remain switched on – and insurance fees (premiums) deducted from your account – until you cancel cover or meet an end of cover condition.

Need help with your insurance cover?

If you're not sure which insurance group you’re in, login to Member Online or call us on 1800 222 071.

See our Insurance Guide to find out more about each insurance group.