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Insurance groups

TWUSUPER has three groups of insurance based on the type of work you do – manual, non-manual or professional.

Your cover and the premium you pay depend on which group you're in. To make sure you're getting the best cover and paying the correct premium, it's important you're in the right group. All new members of TWUSUPER are set up as Group 1 - Manual (see below). To change your group, you need to apply by filling in and sending back this form.

Change group

Which insurance group is right for you?

Group 1: Manual

You’re in this group if you don’t fit into Group 2 or Group 3 below.

Group 2: Non-manual

You're in this group if you:

  • work at least 75% of your time in an office environment, and
  • have no manual duties.

Group 3: Professional

You're in this group if you:

  • work 100% of the time in an office in a sedentary capacity, and
  • earn more than $80,000 a year (or pro rata equivalent if not working full time), and
  • have an accredited higher education qualification or are eligible to belong to a recognised professional body.


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