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Unit pricing and investment switching

The Fund uses unit pricing to calculate and allocate investment earnings to your account. With unit pricing, the underlying assets of each of the Fund’s investment options are divided into a number of units. You are allocated the number of units that reflects your share of each investment option. Your current account balance is the number of units you hold in each investment option multiplied by the unit price.

The latest unit price for each investment option can be found here.

Unit prices are updated daily – any investment switch requests received by 4.30pm (AEST/AEDT) on a Victorian business day will be processed the following Victorian business day. The unit price used to process these switches will be that applying on the Victorian business day the switch was received.

The Fund has developed controls to minimise the chance of unit pricing errors – however, errors may still occur. Should a potential error be identified, we will promptly investigate the issue and contact any affected members. If a unit pricing error occurs that impacts exited members, the Trustee will compensate any members where the error equates to an amount of $20 or more.

If a unit price cannot be determined due to unforeseeable circumstances (e.g. trading suspensions in relevant markets or unusual market volatility), the Fund may temporarily suspend some transactions.