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When you make an investment choice, you're choosing which mix of assets you would like your super or retirement savings invested in.

Asset types

Most assets fall into one of two groups – growth assets and defensive assets.

Growth assets

Growth assets aim to provide you with investment returns and capital growth over the long term. However, with higher returns comes an increased risk that your investment could provide negative returns, particularly in the short to medium term. Growth assets include shares, property (such as shopping centres) and infrastructure (such as train stations and airports).

Defensive assets

Defensive assets aim to protect your capital and tend to provide lower returns than growth assets. With defensive assets, you run the risk that over time your returns will be less than inflation, which may reduce the purchasing power of your money. Defensive assets include fixed interest (such as government bonds) and cash (including cash in the bank).

Asset type mix

Our five investment options invest in a mix of growth and defensive assets, as follows:

Note: The Conservative and Moderate investment options are new, and were launched on 27 September 2021. The High Growth investment option was previously called Equity Plus, and was renamed on 27 September 2021 - no other changes were made to this investment option.