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Balanced (MySuper)

Balanced (MySuper) is our default investment option. If you don’t choose an investment option when you join TWUSUPER, you'll be automatically invested in this option.

The Balanced (MySuper) option may suit members who have an investment timeframe of 5 years or more and are willing to accept a medium level of risk and fluctuations in returns.

When we talk about our Balanced (MySuper) option, we're also referring to the Balanced option for TransPension members, including Pre-Retirement Super Pensions (TTR) and Retirement Super Pensions (Pension Account). They're the same investment option, but we use a different name to comply with Government requirements.

  • Returns

    Annual returns

    Returns are net of tax, fees and investment expenses. Past performance is not an indication of future performance

    Year to 30 June %
    2019 5.19
    2018 8.36
    2017 11.54
    2016 3.05
    2015 9.17
    2014 12.47
    2013 16.80
    2012 0.19
    2011 9.52
    2010 9.61
    3 yr 8.33
    5 yr 7.42
    10 yr 8.49
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