TWUSUPER has partnered with the experts to help promote physical and emotional wellness both inside and outside the workplace. 

Staying resilient in tough times

COVID-19 has brought financial and emotional unpredictability to many of us.


If you need support, or know someone who might need help, TWUSUPER has partnered with TAL and Assure Programs to bring you resources to help with:

  • Self-care
  • Staying resilient
  • Recognising the signs of self-harm

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Promoting workplace wellness

Since inception in 1984 as the Industry Super Fund for the people who keep Australia moving, TWUSUPER has worked with various organisations to help maintain the physical and mental health of people in transport.

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SuperFriend helps employers and members build safe, mentally healthy organisations where all workers can thrive. Our partnership with SuperFriend provides:

  • Workplace wellbeing programs and training
  • Online information for employees to support their mental health
  • Webinars providing workplace wellbeing advice for organisations
  • Resources to help employees support the mental wellbeing of their colleagues
  • Extra resources for the effects of COVID-19

SuperFriend resources

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TWUSUPER also participates in R U OK day each September, and we encourage others to do the same. 

Not only for September

R U OK resources are available all year round to help you when you need to check in with your friends and colleagues.

 R U OK Day resources

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