TWUSUPER's partnership with SuperFriend helps employers and members build safe, mentally healthy organisations where all workers can thrive. This partnership is part of our ongoing commitment to our members' wellbeing, with benefits including:

  • workplace wellbeing programs and trainingsuperfriend men at lunch
  • information for employees to support their mental health, including advice specific to those in transport
  • webinars providing workplace wellbeing advice for organisations, and
  • resources to help employees support the mental wellbeing of their colleagues.

COVID-19 support

SuperFriend has curated a number of resources for you to use through this difficult period including:

Wellbeing for everyone

  • Wellbeing self check-in
  • Connect with a buddy
  • Check-in with formal support

Resources for people leaders

  • Connecting employees during physical distancing
  • Leader's guide for supporting staff
  • More helpful links and resources

Access resources for COVID-19

An evidence-based approach

SuperFriend supports research and an evidence-based approach to improving workplace mental health. The following resources have been produced by SuperFriend in conjunction with mental health experts to provide simple, practical information to help you to build a thriving workplace.

To find out more about how SuperFriend can support your organisation, see the SuperFriend website or call TWUSUPER on 1800 222 071 between 8am and 8pm (AEST/AEDT) weekdays.

SuperFriend resources

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Men's mental health: Break the stigma

One in eight men experience depression, while Australia’s most common mental health challenge, anxiety, affects one in five men. So, if you’re struggling, you’re certainly not alone. 

Break the stigma

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