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As the Industry Super Fund for transport we're proud to have over $400 million invested in transport infrastructure around Australia.

We're here to serve transport workers

We're proud to look after people in transport and to throw our support behind industry initiatives.

As a member of TWUSUPER, you can be sure that your Industry Super Fund for people in transport ensures all profits end up in your accounts, not shareholders’ pockets and that everything we do is designed to reflect the needs of transport workers – from the investment options we offer, through to tailored insurance cover.

Other ways we advocate for transport workers in Australia include: 

  • Supporting training through the Victorian Transport Association (VTA) in areas including industrial waste, chain of responsibility and the Driver Delivery Program
  • Sponsoring the VTA Cadetship Program
  • Supporting the Queensland Transport Association (QTA) Health and Wellness Web Depot
  • Being a partner of the QTA International Women's Day Breakfast
  • Partnering with employers around Australia to help members find work
  • Supporting the Tasmanian Transport Association's quick COVID-19 Response for workers in transport
  • Collaborating with Dr Jim Stanford & The McKell Institute to produce report on Australian Aviation after COVID-19
  • Supporting Women in Transport as the major sponsor of the VTA's Women in Transport lunch and we support the Transport Women Australia's conference

Women in transport

Although the industry traditionally has more male than female workers, women have always played an important role both behind the wheel and in other roles.

TWUSUPER supports the work of Australian transport associations which are working to promote the work of women in transport - including the Victorian Transport Association (VTA) and Transport Women Australia.

As well as being the major sponsor of the VTA's Women in Transport lunch, we also support Transport Women Australia's biannual conference.