Turn your super into a regular, tax-effective income with TransPension, TWUSUPER’s retirement income product, and make the most of your hard-earned super. 

If you’re still working, take advantage of your super by starting a Pre-retirement Super Pension. This pays you regular, tax-effective pension payments.

If you’re ready to fully retire, choose our Retirement Super Pension. This pays you regular, tax-effective pension payments and lets you access extra money if you need it.

Still working?

Members typically use a Pre-retirement Super Pension to:

  • Boost super by making tax-effective super contributions through a Transition to Retirement (TTR) strategy
  • Wind back their working hours and top up their take-home pay

In a nutshell, the Pre-retirement Super Pension lets you access your super while you’re still working.

If you’re under 65 and are still working, you can start taking advantage of a TTR strategy once you reach your preservation age.

You can also make extra before-tax contributions through salary sacrifice to tax-effectively boost your super before you retire. 

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Ready to retire?

If you’re ready to retire, a Retirement Super Pension provides you with a regular tax-effective income in retirement and lets you access extra money if you need it. If you’re over 65, you may be able to combine it with the Centrelink Age Pension. When you open a Retirement Super Pension account, earnings on your investments are tax-free.

To start a Retirement Super Pension you need to have reached your preservation age and have retired, or have satisfied another condition of release

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Speak with a retirement specialist

Instead of sifting through information to find out what is relevant to you, ask to speak to a retirement specialist – no sales pitches – just a phone discussion with someone who can provide relevant information in plain English. There is no extra cost to use this service, as the cost is included in the fees that apply to all super accounts. This team is accessible between 9am and 5pm (AEST/AEDT) on 1800 222 071.

You can also use this online form to request a callback.

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