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There are many ways to make the most of your super so you have more savings for retirement.

Find and consolidate your super

Consolidate your super online in minutes. All we need is your TWUSUPER member number, name, date of birth and postcode. In most cases, you'll immediately find out how much lost super you have with the ATO. Accounts held with other funds may also be listed.

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Contributions and tax benefits

The more you put into your super, the faster it grows. You could also enjoy real tax benefits as you build your retirement savings.

Grow your super

Claiming a tax deduction

If you make after-tax super contributions, you could qualify for a tax deduction when you submit a tax return for the relevant tax year - provided you fulfil certain criteria and follow the steps laid out by the ATO.

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Salary sacrifice

If your employer puts pre-tax income into your super account, you can build more super and pay less tax. Because the money you salary sacrifice into super is usually taxed at 15% instead of at your marginal tax rate.

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Investment choices

How and where you invest your super will make a difference to how much you’ll have in retirement. TWUSUPER makes it easy with a choice of three investment options.

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