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Find lost super

We can help you find out how much lost super you have, either in other funds or with the Australian Taxation Office (ATO).

We can find:

  • any super accounts you have (not pension accounts)
  • lost super (money from accounts that may be with the ATO or another super fund )
  • unclaimed super money that the ATO holds
  • amounts held in the ATO’s Super Holding Account – including employer contributions paid to the ATO.

If we find any super accounts, we'll ask you if you want to combine it with TWUSUPER. Any money held by the ATO will automatically be transferred to your TWUSUPER account.

All we need from you

Before we start, we need your permission* to use your Tax File Number to search for your super.

TFN Consent form

We're sending you're request, please wait.

Thank you for giving TWUSUPER consent to find use your TFN to find your super. If we find any accounts in your name, we'll let you know. If we find super held by the ATO, it will automatically be transferred to your TWUSUPER account.
The message to be displayed when the user unsuccessfully submits the form:
Unfortunately your TFN Consent request couldn’t be completed. Please call us on 1800 222 071 from 8am to 8pm (AEST/AEDT) weekdays so we can find out what went wrong and help you find your lost super.

*By sending this form I consent to TWUSUPER using my Tax File Number (TFN) to conduct searches through the ATO and seek information from other super providers identified by the ATO or by me, so that TWUSUPER can receive amounts held by the ATO and assist me in consolidating other super identified into TWUSUPER. I understand this consent is ongoing until I revoke it.

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