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When you can access your super

The purpose of super is to fund your retirement, so there are rules around when and how you can turn it into retirement income.

Generally, you’re able to access your super when you have reached:

If you've met one of the above conditions, you can call us on 1800 222 071 to request the relevant form for your circumstances. We can also let you know what options are available to you in retirement (such as a Super Pension).

If you choose to make a withdrawal, please note that it can take time to process. If you need the money for something important, please call us on 1800 222 071 so we can get the ball rolling.

Accessing super early

In certain situations - such as severe financial hardship, compassionate grounds or terminal illness - you may be able to access your super early.

Early release of super 

Illness or injury

If you have insurance with TWUSUPER, you may be able to access your account balance if you've stopped working due to an illness or injury. 

Insurance benefits are in addition to your account balance. 

To find out more, call us on 1800 222 071.

Super and redundancy

If you're made redundant, you may be entitled to a redundancy payment from your employer. You can find out more about your redundancy entitlements from the Fair Work Ombudsman.

Temporary residents leaving Australia permanently

If you are a temporary resident (excluding New Zealand citizens and holders of certain types of visas) and have departed Australia permanently, you can withdraw your super within six months of leaving the country (if certain conditions are met). To claim your benefit use the Departing Australia Superannuation Payment (DASP) online application.

If you leave the country and do not withdraw your super within six months, we will transfer it to the ATO as unclaimed money. TWUSUPER relies on relief provided by the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) and will not provide you with notices or exit statements at the time, or after, the benefits are paid to the ATO. Information on applying to claim a benefit from the ATO can be found at

Note: TWUSUPER is not obliged to notify or give an exit statement to a former temporary resident in circumstances where the trustee pays unclaimed super to the Commissioner of Taxation (the Commissioner) under Division 3 of Part 3A of the Unclaimed Money Act (the Act), and the Fund must pay the unclaimed super of a former temporary resident to the Commissioner under Division 3 of Part 3A of the Act. A former temporary resident has the right to apply to the Commissioner to claim the unclaimed superannuation under Division 4 of Part 3A of the Act.

Withdrawals and your insurance

If you have insurance cover attached to your super account, that cover will cease if you close your account, or you no longer have a high enough balance to pay the premiums (fees). You can check your current insurance arrangements, and your balance, by logging in to Member Online.