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Changing jobs?

Staying with TWUSUPER when you change jobs means less paperwork. It also means you still benefit from competitive fees and no commissions with an Industry SuperFund.

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Are you a contractor or a small business owner? If so, TWUSUPER, Australia's Industry SuperFund for people in transport and logistics, can help you save for retirement.

How you join TWUSUPER depends on your company structure.

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Choose your beneficiary

If you die while there is still money in your account, that money will be paid to your beneficiaries (which can be one or more dependants or the personal legal representative of your estate).

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Access super

The purpose of super is to fund your retirement, so there are rules around when and how you can turn it into a retirement income.

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Supply your Tax File Number

If you provide us with your Tax File Number (TFN) you can avoid paying unnecessary tax.

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